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Euvie Tyani Karijoredjo

Born: August 16th, 1977

Euvie Tyani Karijoredjo, from Paramaribo, Suriname, is the co-founder and financial director of Auto Experts by Hilversum N.V. and founder of Stg Aurum Vie i.o

Graduated in 1999 at the Natuur Technisch Instituut, with a mayor in architectural (construction) engineering.

Hereafter follows numerous vocational training such as make-up artistery, hair dressing, financial management, life coaching…

During her work in construction engineering in Suriname she has contributed to designing buildings and homes, blue print drawing, real estates, material calculation and accounting. She has gained experiences in personal leadership, time management, designing, drawing, budgeting, project management, working in, with and leading teams.

At the age of 15, she encountered the world of Reiki, that lead her to passionately learning and studying the world of spirituality up until now. Teachings of the Brahma Kumaris and Tao were also physically attended.

Throughout her life Euvie has worked together as a performing artist in Marlene’s Ballet Company, Folkloristisch Ensemble Paramaribo, as a make-up artist and hairdresser for numerous personal, wedding, corporate and commercial photoshoots, national tv programms, national and internatiol movies. She has developed a way of working with people on a subtle and refined level to aspire, inspire, empower, deepen and broaden their view of being on every aspect of their life.

On a daily basis she combines her knowledge, skills and experiences in life and business through an energetic approach.

Recently Euvie is a coach of the Within coaching community that have a potential based coaching learning curve. She is a also a Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga practitioner, an Associate Certified Pranic Healer and a Pranic Healing Instructor in the courses Basic Pranic Healing and Super Brain Yoga.

Euvie sees the good in everything and engaged all that she is, passionately within her blended family, work, courses, coachee, clients, meditations, friends, relatives, reading , just about within every aspect of life itself.

Her motto: Life is Magical. Enjoy it !!!